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Dbz episode 11

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Related post: Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 18:34:06 -0400 From: Barry Gold Subject: RespectSally & BethbyDonal and Goldkrazydogjuno.com bgold49myway.com Respect(A story where Sally is attacked, but turns out to be as much about how Beth gets thru it too.)Beth popped out the gym door, expecting to see her love in her usual spot. When Sally wasn't there, she started looking around. * * *Beth spotted Sally over by the bleachers, surrounded by four boys. One of the boys pushed her in sandra board3 the back. That one pushed 32 inch door bottom her to one side. Beth leaned back in the gym door, "Somebody call `911'. Sally's being dell 1525 webcam driver attacked!" She dropped her stuff and took off running.As Beth got closer, she heard one of the boys say, "You just don't know what real sex is. When we're done, you won't 16 yo porno pics be a lesbo anymore." He reached out, grabbed the front of Sally's blouse, and pulled. Beth heard the material tear. Another boy reached under her skirt from behind.She reached the group just as Sally was pushed to the ground. Beth kicked one of the boys in the knee and heard a satisfying `crack'. He dropped to the ground with a scream, clutching his leg. Diving over Sally, Beth wrapped her arms around Sally's waist, and rolled them both out of the circle, 9to5 days in porn cushioning Sally as best she could.Beth popped up in a fighting stance, "Sally, get behind me," and faced the three remaining attackers. She sensed Sally against the back of her legs."Well, well. The other lesbo wants to play. You'll regret hurting Jimmy." They spread out as if to come at her from three sides.Beth snarled, "Someone is calling the cops as we speak and they should be here soon. If tiny fuck 12 y you value your precious privates, I would allover30 torrent leave now. If we continue to play, you might end up as sopranos." * * *Beth heard her Sensei as she waited for the boys to make their move, "Defend with vigor. Run away if you can. But if you can't, don't 1080p hd porn clips let your attackers have a second or third chance to come at you from an unexpected direction and hurt you. Trust your instincts, but temper them with your intellect. Bloody noses and black eyes are better than broken bones. Broken bones are better than internal injuries. In the end, if the only choice is your life 12yo masturbating or the lives of your attackers, do not hesitate."Another student spoke up, "Sensei, have you killed?""My student ..." * * *Sirens were just barely audible, "Big talk, little girl. Let's ben 10 porno see if you can back it up." Beth's foot 40e breast pregnant snapped out in a vicious front kick, catching one of the boys squarely in the crotch, who dropped with 40 sex mom a gurgle. Pivoting without stopping, Beth hit the boy on her right across the cheek, spinning him around and down.Beth rounded on the last attacker. He looked at his three friends on the ground, the horde of people boiling out of the gym, and the red-maned lioness protecting the cub at her feet. Deciding that big brother 9 nude discretion was healthier, he turned and ran off across the soccer field. Some of the people coming from the gym peeled off to follow him.Sirens were louder now. Beth looked for Sally, who was rolled up in a ball at bi 7 javascript bw her feet. Reaching down, she brushed Sally's shoulder, who screamed and tried to roll away. Beth caught her and dbz episode 11 hugged her, "Baby, it's me. 3gp prone clip download You're in no danger. They're taken care of." Sally's eyes flashed open. She wrapped her arms around Beth's neck, her legs around Beth's waist, and buried her face in Beth's shoulder, sobbing. * * *Surrounded by police, EMTs, coaches, students, girls of 12 fucking and staff, Beth sat on the ground. She cradled Sally's head with one hand and ran the other one up and down Sally's back, "Shhhh, Love. You're Ok." They xxxsmvlxxx s01e13 loaded the 2 injured boys onto stretchers and handcuffed the other one. Officers circulated, trying to determine what happened."Can someone lend me a cell phone?" An EMT approached Beth and Sally. He lightly brushed Sally's shoulder, who twisted away and tightened her hold on Beth. "Give me a minute, Ok?" The EMT nodded and stepped away. Beth squeezed Sally briefly. "You have to let them look at 2 girls scissor sex you, Sally."Beth heard a muffled, "No. I'm Ok," coming from her neck."I'm under 14 gay boys not going anywhere. You don't even have to move, just sit back a little. I'm going to call home while they check you out so your mom and dad can meet us at the hospital."Sally's head flew up. "Hospital? Why?""I saw what they did to you before I hit the first one. I'm sure your parents will want you checked out to be sure.""You'll go with me?""Of course. I'll go with you in the ambulance and stay with you `til your parents 16 yr sex porn arrive. Can they go ahead?"Sally stared 2 lips tube porn at Beth with wide eyes. "Yes," she whispered. Beth motioned the EMT over. He moved slowly and carefully. Even so, Sally flinched the first couple of times he touched her.Beth flipped open the cell phone while the EMT worked. Dialing Sally's home number, she waited."Hello?""Stephanie? It's Beth. Are pre 16 free pics either of your parents home?""No. Dad had a meeting and Mom's still at work.""I need you to get hold of 40mm twin wheel casters both of them for me.""Why?""Sally was attacked while she was waiting for me after practice." Beth heard Sally's sister gasp, "She's Ok. The police are here and the EMTs are checking her out now. They need to meet us at the hospital. I don't know if they're going to keep her overnight, but you should bring along 12th graders having sex a change of clothes.""Thanks, Beth.""No problem, Squirt." Hanging up on Stephanie, Beth dialed her home, "Mom, it's me. I'm going to be a little late. Sally was attacked while she waited for me after practice." Waiting a moment, "Sally's Ok, but we're about to go to the hospital. I took down three guys before the police got here." After a moment porn 13 free more, "I'm OK too. I just talked to Sally's sister who's going to call her mom and 18 knit skirt dad. I'll call if I need anything. Thanks, Mom. I love you too."Beth closed the cell phone to find the EMT waiting beside a stretcher. Sally was resting her head on Beth's shoulder. Handing off the phone, she allover30 chloe gently raised Sally's face. "You need to lay down on the stretcher, Baby."Sally's arms and legs convulsively tightened around Beth. She gasped at the panicked strength in Sally's grip and it was a few seconds before she could talk again. "It's for your safety. I promise you that I'll be right beside you all the way." Sally didn't say anything, just relaxed a bit. Beth got up and laid her scared friend on the stretcher. The EMT covered her with a sheet and strapped her down. Beth held Sally's hand as they walked to the ambulance.A teammate ran up and told Beth that hers and Sally's bags had been put in the ambulance and everyone hoped Sally was Ok. Beth thanked her. * * *A female amateur 12yo doctor met them as the EMTs unloaded Sally. "Give me the bullet.""Patient was assaulted, probable attempted rape. No penetration observed." He relayed Sally's blood pressure and respirations. They were walking down a hallway as they talked.The doctor pointed, kids 12yo hard sex "Curtain 1." Stopping beside an empty bed, they helped Sally across, while the doctor pulled under 16 nude gallery the curtain around them. One EMT gathered up their equipment while the other one got the doctor's signature. Turning to the bed, the doctor looked down at the two young girls holding hands,"Good afternoon, Ladies. My name is Dr. Black. What are yours?"Beth spoke first, "I'm Beth Wilson."The doctor looked up at Beth's name, "Did you say `Beth Wilson'?""Yes, ma'am.""Do you play soccer for adult dance classes 91401 St. Francis?""I'm the goalie on the varsity team.""I thought I recognized sweet 16 defloration the name. My daughter is a cheerleader at Central and her friend plays for West Catholic. She told us about the last time they played St. Francis and the goalie that stopped her shot on a breakaway at the end of the game. She was very impressed.""That was me. 16 nude mpeg Your daughter's friend is Allison White, MVP of last years State Tournament.""Yes.""I'm sorry for the distraction. Your name is ...?"Sally was FREE ZO0 SEX MOVEI very quiet, "Sally Ryder."Dr. Black took in the torn and disheveled nature of Sally's clothes, "Sally, can you tell me what happened?" PO5N TUBE SEX HORSE Sally shook her head and 10 yo porn tpg squeezed Beth's hand to the point of eliciting a yelp from her. A nurse slid past the curtain and whispered 12 y.o fucking in the doctor's ear, "That's fine, Julie. Tell them to wait and come back in here." Turning to the girls, "The police are here and waiting to talk to both of you."The nurse reappeared and waited as Beth started to tell what she'd seen. Dr. Black approached the bed and slipped the stethoscope into her ears, "Sally, may I listen to your heart?" Sally porn free 365 looked at Beth and nodded. The doctor moved the horn around Sally's chest, "Can you sit up for me?" Sally inched up and Doctor Black slid her hand under Sally's blouse. school porn 16 After checking a few places, "Thank you, Sally. You may sit back now." The doctor also checked Sally's eyes and reflexes.Someone spoke to the nurse by the curtain who relayed the message to the doctor, "Sally, your parents are here. Would you be more comfortable if you changed out of those torn clothes?"Sally looked at Beth, "I told Stephanie to bring you some new clothes. 36dd tits It probably would help Dr. Black, too.""Ok," was the soft reply.Dr. Black held out a hospital gown, "Why don't you put this on `til 16 yo. boys sex we're done? That way, your clean clothes won't get messed up.""Ok.""We'll leave you alone to change while I talk to your parents. I'll bring them back in a few minutes." * * *Beth stood beside Sally, "Need some help?"Sally held up her hands, her shaking hands, "I think so.""No problem." Beth started by 9yo pussy kiddy porn unbuttoning Sally's blouse. Shaking out the gown, Beth draped it over Sally's shoulders, "Don't try to help me. We don't want to make anything worse.""Ok." Beth slid the torn blouse down Sally's shoulders and set it aside. She unhooked Sally's bra and set it aside too. Helping Sally get her arms into the gown, Beth reached for Sally's waist. Not wanting to embarrass her, Beth continued to look Sally in the eye as she drew down her skirt and panties. Slipping her sneakers off, Beth helped Sally get under the sheet. Bending down to kiss her, Sally turned her 40 s nudism head so Beth only kissed her cheek."Are 14 y.o. sex pussy you Ok?""Fine," but Beth could hear the fear and uncertainty in Sally's voice."Are you going to be able to tell them what happened?""I don't boy nude 15 know.""Look, I took three of the bastards down and I think I know who the fourth was, amature 10 but they need you to make sure they pay.""What if I was at fault?"Beth took Sally's face in her hands and looked her in the eye, "I won't believe that, not 10 week pregnant heartbeat ever. Nothing justifies what they did." Sally smiled wanly. "Listen to me. I...Love...You. I'm not going anywhere and we'll get through this together." Beth kissed Sally this time. * * *She looked into Sally's frightened eyes and wondered if she wasn't partly to blame for the attack. If Sam hadn't PORNO TUBE H9RSE SEX stopped me to ask a question about our next opponent, I would have been on-time to meet Sally. I would have been there to stop the attack. Beth shut her eyes briefly. Self-recriminations would have to wait. Sally needed her to Real female orgasms 3 be strong right now...She was bigger, faster, more capable and she'd not been able to protect Sally. Beth had rescued her before she'd really gotten hurt, but the look in those eyes was just as bad. * * *"Do you think the doctor is done?""Probably not. You know she'll want to look at your thighs and take an X-ray to check your ribs.""I guess."They both heard someone say, "Are you decent in there?""I'm fine, Mom. You can come in." Sally's mom, dad, and sister appeared past the curtain with Doctor Black. Sally's mom kissed her on the cheek.Beth leaned over and whispered in Sally's ear, "I'm going to talk to the police. Be back in a few minutes. Ok?" Sally nodded. * * *No sooner had Beth cleared the curtains 11 old porn stars around Sally's bed when she started shaking. Shivering as if she had a chill, Beth had to sit down on a nearby bench when her MOVE8 ZOO FREE SEX knees suddenly gave out.She felt a hand on her shoulder, "Miss, are you OK?"Beth looked up to see a concerned policeman, "Fine, Officer. Just coming down from the adrenaline rush. Are you here about the attack at the school?""Yes."Beth identified herself and walked them through what she'd done and seen. Each officer asked a few questions for clarification, "Did you catch the fourth boy?""Not yet. Your friends lost him in 18 hentai gay the woods behind the field. We canvassed the area, but no one saw anything.""I think his name is Jarvis Hyltonian. He's a new student from Ithaca. How are the other three?"After making a note on his paper, the officer who'd been concerned about her consulted another page, "The one you kicked in the knee if facing reconstructive surgery and a long rehab. One has bruised testicles and the other has several chipped teeth.""Are they saying anything about the attack?""No. We couldn't question them without their parents present because they're juveniles. Their lawyers came sweet 15 sex with them to the station.""So you weren't able to talk to them beforehand?""No. The fuck 12yr boys asked for their parents right away. They were well aware of their rights.""That's too bad. You're sure you couldn't 911b breast leave me alone with them for five minutes?"The 2010 nude events officer smiled, "No, Ms. Wilson. As much as I would like too, we couldn't use anything they said while you were `discussing' the situation with them. Do you think we'll be able to talk to the other girl soon?""I'll check." Then the events of the day crashed in on Beth. She'd been unable to protect Sally. She'd been responsible for hurting, possibly crippling one or more people. Granted, they'd deserved it. But, Beth had dramatically, possibly permanently, altered the lives of Sally's attackers. The enormity of everything, combined with the fading adrenaline high, turned Beth's lights out.Beth heard someone yell, "Somebody help! She's in trouble here." Something was moving along her back.An EMT rushed over and caught Beth. After checking her vital signs, he broke an ammonia ampoule under her nose. His partner caught Beth's arms when she came up swinging, "What happened?""You passed out.""How long...?""Just a few seconds. We checked your vitals and used an inhaler to bring you around. siemens a140 You really should go in and get looked at. Fainting usually indicates a deeper problem.""I'm fine, just a delayed reaction to the attack." Turning to the policemen, "I'll check on Sally."The four men shook their heads, "Teenagers?!" The officer told the EMT that he would mention the fainting spell to the doctor. * * 1930s tits bra *Inside the curtain, "Sally, I need to check the inside of your thighs. Is that Ok? I promise to try not to hurt you." Sally only nodded. The nurse held up a sheet to separate Sally and her family from free nudes under 18 what the doctor was doing. Doctor Black folded back the bed sheet and eased Sally's gown up. She saw the beginnings of some bruises and some inflammation around Sally's pussy and anus, like one of the boys had tried to insert his finger. Dr. Black pulled Sally's gown down and replaced her bed sheet.Beth stood beside the bed, holding Sally's hand again, "The police are ready for you. Can you talk to them?" Sally just nodded."I'm going to schedule you for an x-ray as soon as they're done. If that's Ok, we'll probably send you home."Sally's dad held her hand briefly, "We'll leave you alone." * * *The police came 20min free pron trial in as everyone else was leaving. "Ms. Ryder, we're sorry you got hurt. We know it's difficult, but we need you to tell us what happened today."Sally squeezed Beth's hand and swallowed. She told 10 inch cocks only the police how the boys had surprised her outside the gym and pulled her towards the bleachers. She continued, with the boys pushing her around and tearing her clothes. When she felt a pain between her legs, she closed her eyes. She kept them closed until Beth said it was Ok and hugged her. * * *Sally's parents were talking to Dr. Black, "How is she, adult shops 33558 Doctor?""I think she'll be fine. I think she was just bruised and scratched. Her friend's arrival probably kept gay blowjob gallery 1 her from being injured worse.""What kind of follow-up will you recommend?""I want to see her in my office in a few days to be sure she's healing properly.""Do you advise she see a counselor?""That's up to her. A lot of love and support from her family and friends may be all forum photo 14yr she needs. I'll give you a name in case she wants to talk to someone.""Thank you, Doctor." * * *Everyone was standing around, talking about inconsequential matters, trying not to talk about what had happened. Dr. Black brushed past the curtain, holding an x-ray on one hand. "Good news! The x-ray is clear. There's no evidence of broken ribs.""That's 11 olds have sex good. That means we can take Sally home?""Right. If Sally wants to get changed, I'll get the discharge paperwork started." Beth helped Sally slip into tiny angels gallery 13yo the shorts and t-shirt that Stephanie had brought. An orderly brought in a wheelchair and helped Sally into it. Beth picked up her book and gymbags and handed Sally her bookbag. They stopped at the nurse's station to sign Sally out.Dr. Black took Sally's hand, "It was good to meet you, Sally. I'm just sorry it 12yo girls naked had to be under these circumstances. You may hurt for a few days, but be sure to let someone know if it gets worse or feels different. You have an appointment to see me next week to make sure things are free 1 porn healing properly. Ok?""Thank you, Dr. Black." 32f tits mpeg * * *Beth called home when they got to Sally's place, "Mom, it's me. We're at Sally's." She was quiet for a moment, "I'm going to keep Sally company tonight." After a moment more, "That's Ok. I have clothes here and I'll be sure to incest 3-d cartoons stop by home tomorrow. Thanks, Mom. Tell Dad I love him."Sally was 12 yr boy nude finishing a grilled cheese sandwich when Beth draped her arms over Sally's shoulders and kissed the top of her 1931 essex super six head. "Feel like doing anything?""No. I think I just want to go to bed.""That's fine." Beth followed Sally up to her room. Sally sat on the edge of her bed while Beth put a cd in the player and turned it on low. Sally spooned up to Beth, who pulled the covers over them. Drawing Sally free 13 porn close, Beth leaned over her ear, "You're safe, Baby. Go to sleep."Very softly, Beth heard, "I love you.""I love you too."Beth woke when Sally started screaming and thrashing about. She tightened her arms around Sally and used her legs to keep Sally from 16 naked girls throwing herself off the bed. Beth's sight blurred when the back of Sally's head met the bridge of her nose.Sally's mom and dad rushed in, "What's wrong?""I think she's having a nightmare."Sally's mom took her by the shoulders, "Honey, wake up.""Hungh, Mom?" Beth released her hold when Sally roused."You were having a bad dream, Sweetheart.""Yea, I thought I was being attacked again. I was trying to fight back. I think I even head-butted one."From behind her came Beth's voice, "Yea, me."Sally whirled 5 inch heels cum around, "Ohmygod! Beth! I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?""I think I'll live. It may take a while fuck old 14 before my nose forgives you, though."Sally's mom asked, petite 17 nude "Do you think you can go back to sleep?""I'll try." Sally tucked herself into Beth's chest and closed her eyes. Sally's dad pulled up the covers and kissed each of the girls on the cheek. * * *It took a while before Sally didn't flinch at shadows. She started going into the locker room with Beth after practices and games. She and bleach 196 torrent Beth did a couple of sessions with the counselor Dr. Black recommended and it seemed to help. * * *The process took a big step forward when they went to court. The boys were spoiled elitists whose parents couldn't believe that their `baby' was at fault. Sally had to have asked for it and besides, a felony record might possibly keep them out of Harvard, Yale, or some other Ivy League school.The Assistant District Attorney handling the case met them outside the courtroom. They had talked to him several times in the weeks leading up to the trial. He had even brought Beth and Sally into the courtroom and let them sit in the witness stand so they could get used to it and not get nervous. He reached down to shake Sally's hand, "Ready to do 16 yr old tits this?"Sally expelled a breath, "I guess."The ADA laid a hand on Sally's shoulder and Beth saw it was all Sally could do not to scream and run away. He picked it up and she relaxed, 5-speed feiro trans "Remember, you and Beth will be sitting in the first row, right behind me, Beth on the aisle. The boys and their lawyers will be at 2 pregnant ******** the Defendants' table. We'll deal with any motions, pick a jury, then we're off and running. You won't be able to stay in the courtroom after opening arguments, so I hope you brought something to keep you busy. You'll be in the Conference Room next to my office with a guard outside the door so nobody will bother you."Beth answered, "We have schoolwork and our History teacher gave us an assignment to keep a journal detailing our impressions of the judicial process and what we learned." * * *"Yes, your Honor. The State moves for Summary Judgment dismissing Defendants' suit against Elizabeth Wilson for 1940 s slip Aggravated Assault and Excessive Use of Force."Without even giving the boys' lawyers a chance to respond, the judge rapped his gavel sharply, "So ordered. Suit adult video 14217 is dismissed with prejudice and Defendants' are fined $10,000 each for abuse of process. The money is to be used for Ms. Ryder's medical expenses, past and ongoing, with any remainder split between her and Ms. Wilson and applied to the post-secondary school of their choice."A lawyer got up from the Defendants' table, `Your Honor..."The judge porn hub8 cut him off with a rap of his gavel, "$15,000."Another lawyer decided to try to swim against the tsunami threatening to engulf them, "Objection, your Honor..."Another rap of the gavel, "Denied. $20,000." Looking at the other two lawyers, "Anybody else?" Finding their hands extremely interesting at that moment, neither said anything. Turning back to the ADA, "Continue, Counselor."Beth and Sally looked at each other and smiled. * * *Beth was on the stand. The ADA had led her through her actions that day and turned her over to the Defense, "Your witness, Counselors'."One of the lawyers, 13-17 old nudes who hadn't spoken when the judge dismissed their suit against her, thought he would be smart and get in a comment, even though the judge had warned them not to. "Now, Elizabeth. May I call you Elizabeth?""No, Counselor, you may not."Looking a little chagrined at her response, "Alright, Ms. Wilson. When you saw my client and the other boys playfully pushing 12-16 age sex pics Ms. Ryder, you assumed they were going to hurt her, didn't you?""Counselor, they were not `playfully' pushing Sally, they were shoving her. Their words were not `playful', but hateful. I didn't have to assume they were going to hurt Sally, I knew it.""Be that as it may, don't you think your actions might have been a bit excessive?"The ADA popped up, "Objection, your Honor. You have already ruled that Ms. Wilson's actions were justified."The judge rounded on the defense attorney, "Counselor..."Beth swallowed and interrupted, "I would like to answer the question, your Honor."The judge replied, "Are you sure? The Assistant District Attorney is right. He," pointing at the Defense Attorney, "is out of line and he knows it. I should increase the fine and possibly issue a contempt citation."The Defense Attorney knew then that he had messed up and his future was bare back packers 3 in the hands of this high-school girl. "I'm sure.""I withdraw the objection, your Honor.""Thank you, Counselor. You may answer the question, Ms. Wilson."Beth turned to address the jury, as it was them she had to convince, "I started studying Karate when I was 6-years-old. My parents got me started because I was an only child and sometimes alone because they both worked. They wanted me to have a way to protect myself.It was later that I began to understand the self-discipline and 2ft long dicks physical training aspects. I can stay in shape when I'm not playing sports and 3yo nude girls xxx I believe I'm a better goalie in soccer and guard in basketball because of Karate. I have earned a First degree, or basic level, black belt. When I passed the test, one of the things I had to do was register with the police department. So, when officers arrived at the school yard, they knew about me and what I was capable of doing. They didn't find me wrong.My point is this; Karate is often 2 dr std coupe mistaken, because of the movies, as a fighting discipline. It's not. My sensei, or teacher, b52s private says that the art of karate is for self-defense; not injuring one's opponent is the highest expression of that art. My next trip to the dojo, I had to explain to him and the other instructors what I had done and why. If they thought my actions were `excessive' and unjustified, they would have taken away my belt and expelled me from the dojo. They free ben10 porn videos didn't.Beth eyed the jury. "I used only enough force to incapacitate the attackers and allow Sally and me to escape without further harm. I would have done the same thing for my worst enemy, because nobody deserves to be treated that way."The defense attorney knew that his 14yr girl sex case 60 vessel sink vanity had small 12yo sluts just been blown out of the water by this teenager. The ADA only smiled. The judge spoke, "Thank you, Ms. Wilson. You are excused." As Beth left the witness stand, the judge turned to the ADA, "Call your next witness, Counselor.""The Prosecution calls Sally Ryder."Beth hugged Sally and wished her well. They swore her in and the ADA began. He led Sally through the day's events. When he was done, the Defense asked only a few perfunctory questions. It was obvious that they knew they were going to lose, their only hope was to mitigate the damages.""The Prosecution rests, Your Honor." * * *The Defense paraded character nudist-girls 14yo witness after character witness, in an attempt to show the boys as misunderstood youths instead of hateful punks. Even the boy wearing the knee brace didn't seem to elicit much sympathy from the jury. * * *The Foreman got up, "We have, your Honor.""On the charge of Assault and Battery, how do you find?""We find the Defendants armageddon dildos mp3 guilty.""On the charge of Attempted Rape, how do you find?""We find the Defendants guilty.""The Court thanks the jury for its service. You are dismissed." After the jurors had left, the judge turned back to the still-standing boys and their lawyers, "Sentencing will be in 2 weeks. Bail is continued. Restraining order remains in force. I know I don't have to, because your lawyers had better, explain to you that the punishment for violating the RO will be swift and extreme. Court is adjourned." The judge stood up and stuck his gavel so hard that the things 2010 porn videos on the bench jumped. * * *When she heard Sally insult her sister, Beth knew things were back to normal. Sapphic Erotica 2008 Gold & ped 12yo Donal
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